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Chiropractic care in Torrance, CA, is based on gentle manipulation of the musculoskeletal system with a particular focus on providing a spinal correction. Chiropractors utilize research and evidenced-based procedures when needed to provide safe, comfortable, and effective correction methods. This allows for improved movement and function in patients and reduces the experience of pain and inflammation. Back On Point Wellness is proud to offer chiropractic care with our professional staff near you.

What Is Considered Chiropractic Care?

Traditional chiropractic care is considered the professional practice of trained staff using their hands to deliver treatment to patients. This treatment enhances a patient’s physical function and movement as well as alleviates pain and inflammation due to several factors.

Manual chiropractic technique indicates a manual adjustment performed by our professional team near you by using their hands to manipulate the spine. This is an effective technique due to direct physical contact with the patient, which provides necessary feedback and information through the hands. Manual adjustments often facilitate an accurate evaluation and assessment of a patient’s musculoskeletal issues, leading to precise and effective treatment.

Alternatives to Manual Adjustment Techniques

Of course, there are patients who do not feel comfortable with manual adjustment techniques. In these cases, our professional team in Torrance, CA, supports alternatives and other effective methods of care to restore mobility, fitness, and a sense of well-being. These include active release techniques, stretching, and corrective exercises, all of which can produce effective results for your spine as an alternative to manual adjustment.

Communication between you and our staff members is essential so that we can formulate a comprehensive chiropractic care program designed for optimal results in terms of your health and wellness. Your safety, comfort, and effective treatment are our highest priorities. If you prefer not to receive adjustments to your spine, we can provide you with alternative solutions.

Depending on an individual patient’s needs and level of comfort, their treatment program should be customized to achieve the best outcome for overall health and wellness. For more information about chiropractic care near you, contact Back On Point Wellness for an appointment.