Chiropractor Torrance CA Stretch Therapy


The way we physically move is affected by many conditions such as age, repetitive motions, sports injuries, etc. Stretch therapy in Torrance, CA, is a treatment method that addresses muscle tightness and other factors that restrict a patient’s range of motion and increase their risk of injury. At Back On Point Wellness, we are proud to offer stretch therapy for improved movement and overall wellness for all patients.

The Goal of Stretch Therapy

We all face movement issues that can result in aches, pains, and even an increased risk of injury. These movement issues may be due to muscle tightness, tissue restriction, or joint imbalances. The goal of stretch therapy with our professional staff near you is to improve your range of motion, which enhances your patterns of movement and reduces injuries.

Most movement issues and limitations result from imbalances or physical alterations in muscles and joints that change movement patterns. These changes can lead to a higher risk of injury, poor range of motion, or physical pain, and the effects generally worsen over time. Stretch therapy features a variety of techniques that are designed to effectively improve movement and fitness for all age levels, athletes, and non-athletes.

How Stretch Therapy Works

First, our team will assess your specific physical condition and needs to determine the optimal therapy for treating any limitations, discomfort, or pain. Then, our professional staff in Torrance, CA, will utilize effective therapeutic stretching techniques to treat physical difficulties resulting from tight muscles or restricted joints.

These techniques may include soft tissue therapy, traditional stretches, traction, and focused active movements. With proper instruction and professional oversight, stretch therapy allows patients to improve their range of motion, physical movement, and performance, as well as avoid new injuries or the exacerbation of current injury.

Are you noticing limitations, discomfort, or pain with your movement? We have solutions to enhance your range of motion and reduce your level of pain. For more information about stretch therapy near you, contact our team at Back On Point Wellness. We look forward to working with you to improve your sense of health and wellness!