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Coronavirus Update and Dr. Kim’s Immune Boosting Tips

Dr. Kim here, along with our staff from Back On Point Wellness in Torrance. During this time of uncertainty, we are well aware of the stress, confusion, and frustration you are dealing with. We would like to remind you that our office has remained open during this time to help lighten the load of hospitals and to remain available to our patients that have suffered recent injuries. We remain vigilant in sanitizing between each patient and are staggering patient visits throughout the day to maintain distancing within the office.

Dr. Kim has also created a few videos that explain how the Coronavirus is transmitted, how our body reacts to it, and the importance of keeping our immune system strong. By having a better understanding of how the virus works, we can feel more confident in our everyday life about taking the appropriate precautions to remain well and avoid becoming ill. This will help relieve your fears and develop a better awareness of our body’s innate healing ability. This awareness alone will help our immune system stay strong!

We have also seen an increase in patients with CLS – Couch Lock Syndrome aka Netflix Syndrome and want to encourage everyone to stretch daily. We have a whole playlist of home stretches you can find on our YouTube channel:

Click Here for Stretching Videos

We are also offering Telehealth consultations for those of you who want to strengthen your immune system from home. We will be doing a full body screening, going over the kind of foods to eat, supplements to help fight infection, specific exercises and stretches that are right for you as well as any other questions you may have regarding your health. You can think of this as creating a defensive strategy to keep your body healthy and well during this time.